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Thursday, June 17 KPIX joins the Casual Carpool!

Early this morning I met Gerry Watson, producer from KPIX-TV, San Francisco (that’s Channel 5) for an interview about casual carpooling and the July 1 tolls. Gerry is putting together a program on these issues and has been talking to carpoolers all over the Bay Area. Gerry and his camera joined me at the Vallejo carpool line, along with another passenger and Kevin, the driver, in his new VW sedan for an ‘on camera’ commute.

We talked about casual carpooling in general, how it works, why it’s great, funny times we’ve had as casual carpoolers, and our concerns about the new tolls and what’s going to happen next. I would have to rate today’s commute as my most unique ride to date. Crammed into a medium size car with 3 other riders and one big video camera is not my typical ride! At one point I was holding the camera, later my fellow rider, a diminuitive and very quiet lady, was asked to hold the camera to get another angle of the riders and the car. We covered a lot of ground in addition to the 35+ miles of the commute itself and I’m looking forward to seeing the program on air next week.

Kudos to Gerry Watson and KPIX for what promises to be a very informative and innovative program on bay area commuting and the July 1 tolls.

I”ll put the date and times in my blog as soon as I get the information. Stay tuned.

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