Wednesday, June 16 – I’m a driver today.

Today I’m a driver. A friend is with me who needs a ride back into the city, and we pick up one passenger, a young sort of ‘gangsta’-styled guy. He hops in the back seat and plugs himself into his head phones. I would have taken another passenger, but the back seat is full of my friend’s luggage. Traffic is heavy and challenging – lots of speed up and slow down and it takes a bit longer than usual. I notice Highway Patrol cars parked at 2 strategically located spots along the way, where they can monitor our comings and goings. It’s not often I see these guys, and wish they were around more often. We arrive in SF a few minutes after 8, drop off our passenger at Fremont and Howard and continue to our destinations.

Tomorrow COMMUTER GAL will be riding with KPIX-TV in some as yet unknown commuter’s car. They are interviewing for comments about the toll increases on July 1 and about car pooling in general, and will be taping us as we commute from Vallejo to San Francisco. So stay tuned my fellow riders and drivers! I’ll let you know when we’ll be on the air.

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