Friday June 18 The party’s over

A long line of cars is waiting this morning. Just a few riders. I take a rear seat in a Honda CR-V. The driver is a young guy with a long pony tail – all Friday light in jeans, sneakers and a red athletic jersey top. He’s intently listening to the soccer match on the radio. It’s Friday light on the freeway, too. We’ll be in San Francisco in about 35 minutes today.

Last evening I watched a bit of the British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward’s testimony before the House Oversight & Investigations subcommittee. Lots of talk. There’s been too much talk for too long about alternative fuels and energy. All the while the oilmen get fatter and richer. We need to plug up the oil for good and change the way we use our resources, our environment, and each other. The fossil fuel party’s over.

Happy Father’s Day Weekend, everyone.

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