Tuesday, June 15 ‘your cheatin’ ride’

I’m in the front seat of an older Mercedes Sedan after a 15 minute wait today. I love Mercedes. Classy, safe, well-designed cars, although this car is pre-airbag, so I don’t feel quite as secure. But still, it’s a nice ride. As I approached the Vallejo carpool area, 2 women were standing alongside the curb waving for a ride, holding up 2 fingers to indicate they both wanted a ride. This is the area before you turn into the car pool pickup – about a block from where the riders line up. Blatant Cheating, ladies! I join the long line of riders and we slowly shuffle up to the front of the line and then I see those 2 cheating ladies walking to the end of the now even longer line. Ha. No one would give them a ride. How sweet it is sometimes.

This is a no talk ride. KBLX radio. Another cool morning and as we approach Berkeley and the view of the city, there is no view today. Just fog stretching across the bay.

2 Responses

  1. Too funny. I never pick them up. I just wave.

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