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Monday, June 7 Vacation (and free rides) are about over.

Back to work after a week’s vacation in NYC. A wonderful week and a great time. How could it be otherwise in the city that never sleeps? There were many highlights – in the transportation category, the subways are always a thrill and amazingly efficient, and the city buses are a great scenic ride (I took one from the Lower East Side to the Metropolitan Museum) and saw everything in between from my comfortable, air-conditioned seat.

This morning I’m in the back seat of a Saturn sedan. Two ladies in the front are silent and seem pre-occupied. Traffic is light and we’re moving along, and we should reach the city well before 8 AM. I’m hoping to make the gym before work since I have slacked off during the vacation.

So – we’re on a final countdown to the bridge toll launch on July 1. Any comments on how you as a carpooler will deal with this? Are you going to pay up? And how much? $1.25? More/less? What if you don’t have change? What if you don’t have any money with you?

I think $1 should be acceptable unless you have the change and can easily pay more. If you’ve forgotten your money or only have a $5 bill, you may be out of luck, depending on who the driver is. Some drivers won’t care whether you pay or not. But I can see this whole scenario making the daily commute a bit more complicated.

2 Responses

  1. Come July 1st, riders will be saving the driver $3.50 just by being passengers. I would be willing to contribute an additional 25 cents to the driver, which would equate to each person in the carpool paying $2 to the overall $6 toll. However, I am bypassing the whole issue by ordering a 31 day Transbay unlimited bus pass.

    • Hi Jimmy – yes, well, that is one way to look at it (saving the driver $3.50). Your solution, taking public transportation, is much more commendable than some I’ve heard. Some riders plan to become drivers and some drivers are going to pay the full $6 and not deal with strangers in their cars, waiting in the carpool line, etc.

      These things all confirm my fear that the casual carpool may soon be no more. I suspect that the bridge toll folks wouldn’t mind that a bit. Am I being paranoid?

      Another solution would be to pack the casual carpool! Fill the cars and vans with riders! We’ll show those who think higher tolls are the answer to our crowded highways and chaotic commutes that there is an alternative to one person, one car, or to over-priced BARTS, busses, ferries that depart from and arrive at ill-placed destinations.

      Casual Carpool Yes! CG

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