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Thursday, May 27 Eeeyoo! (achoo!)

More chilly rain for today and tonight, but the Memorial Day weekend forecast is for HOT! Too bad I’ll miss it. I’m off to NYC on Saturday for a week in the great big apple. So I’ll miss the bay area’s probably brief warm weather, but it looks like they’ll keep it warm for me on the east coast.

Today’s ride is pretty bad. The vehicle, a Honda CRV, looked promising, but once I opened the door, I should have turned around. Trash and clutter around the seat is a bad sign and there was that aplenty. Once I got in and closed the door, it got even worse. The guy driving had a huge cold. Yuk. A real juicy, nose-running-off-his-face disgusting noises head cold. He kept fumbling for kleenex from a box between the front seats, and as we entered the freeway he swerved the car in the middle of a giant sneeze. Honestly, if we had not been entering the freeway, I would have asked him to let me out of the car. Once we’re really underway, I see he’s a bad driver to boot. The speedometer moves up to 80 mph while he’s tailgating and changing lanes. Luckily, the rain begins to really come down and he’s forced to slow down with the rest of the traffic. In between sneezes and blows the driver plops a cherry in his mouth from a small, damp awful looking plastic container perched in front of the box of kleenex.

The one saving feature of this ride is NPR radio, which I listen to intently to keep my mind off this revolting ride. Fortunately, the trip is brief – traffic is light, and we’re across the bridge by 7:50 a.m.

This morning was one of the few times I’ve had a post-ride conversation with my fellow passenger. As we left the car and started down Fremont Street, we both looked at each other, shaking our heads. “I hope I don’t get that cold”, I say. “I’m on vacation next week.” “That’s what I was thinking, too,” the guy from the back seat said. “I just got over one, and don’t want another. Not a good ride today.” We wish each other a good day and move on to our workday.

3 Responses

  1. It always amazes me that one, people have their cars looking like a trash bin (imagine what their houses look like?) and two, that they CARPOOL with their cars looking like that. Sleazy.

    Hope you don’t get sick! Pound some echinacea tea and vitamin C!

  2. My my what a ride. Hope you didn’t get sick.

    • Hi Mr. Pink Shirt! Nah, I survived. I was in New York the next week and stayed well and very happy. Nice to hear from you. How was your first toll day? CG

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