January 27 – The Vote is In/uh, is this a Toyota?

Come July 1 us carpoolers will pay tolls, too.  $2.50 a car during commute hours.  The Bay Area Toll Authority voted unanimously today (see SF Appeal online news: http://sfappeal.com/alley/2010/01/bay-bridge-tolls-officially-jacked-up-as-of-July-1.php)

Vallejo 7:30 AM

I slept later this morning, trying to get rid of a flu-ish feeling.  A break from the rain today, just a damp blanket of fog, but no cars either.  A short wait, though and soon I’m in a big warm SUV, in the front seat with a quiet driver who looks quite a bit like Andrew Jackson, even down to the hair style, at least in profile.

Traffic is moving along smoothly and I’m drifting in and out of a nap when I realize I am riding in a TOYOTA! Oh my god, is this one of the 8 models that has just been declared unsafe? The problem seems to be a sticky gas pedal for nearly 6 million cars. I peer down at the driver’s gas pedal foot and it looks like the pedal in this particular Toyota Highlander is working just fine this morning.

We are up and onto the Bay Bridge at 8:05 AM and safe and sound into the City.

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