January 26

Vallejo 7:20 AM

The line of cars is a block long and my ride is a big white Mazda SUV driven by a tiny older woman.  To her delight, a friend of hers – another tiny older woman – comes along and gets in the front seat.  They happily talk.  Traffic is not bad so I’m surprised to see a collision in our carpool lane, near Hercules.  It looks minor, probably result of tailgating.  A fender hangs off of one car and the other car seems to be tilting to the side.  As we carefully pass them, both drivers are furiously working their cell phones.

No rain this morning, but there’s 13 feet of snow up in the Sierras.  Hope that means no water rationing this year.

The City is wrapped in a light mist as we cross the Bay Bridge. The ladies in the front seat laugh and talk.  Here we are at 8 AM already in the City.

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