Two Winter Rides

Thursday, November 4 First of all, last night’s (November 3) sunset. The best I’ve ever seen, including Hawaii. Truly. The western sky was filled with layers of red and golden light. It was spellbinding, and a fitting close to a very wild, outrageous and special day. The celebration in San Francisco today for the Giants brought 500,000 people out on the street to laugh, scream, wear orange and black and share a few crazy wonderful hours. Wow.

Back on the freeway this morning, I’m in a Chrysler SUV. Two guys in front, I’m in back. The driver is a dead-ringer for Wayne Knight (the actor who played ‘Newman’ on Seinfeld and also the computer tech in Jurassic Park). KNBR radio is re-telling highlights of the world series and yesterday’s events.

Tuesday, December 21 The solstice today, officially the first day of Winter. However, the days now begin to get longer, and I always think of this day as an overture to Spring, rather than the beginning of Winter. I’m in a big Chevrolet van. Both the driver and passenger in back wait patiently as I struggle with my bag, plus a bag of office Christmas gifts. The guy in back finally takes my big bag and puts it in the back seat. The driver looks good in a gray striped suit trousers, a pink sweater and a gray scarf tied jauntily around his neck.

Guess I missed last night’s lunar eclipse. When I got up at 5:30 a.m. the moon was full and bright. As we approach the view of the city the sun slants through the clouds and makes a golden San Francisco. Spectacular. Traffic is holiday light and this looks like about a 40-minute commute today. I start my winter holiday tomorrow. Today is my last commute of the year. Merry Christmas!

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