Monday, June 28 – Last Free Monday!

Wonderful hot weekend. Today is a warm morning and a quick moving line. I am in a gorgeous White Chrysler Sedan. The driver is a good-looking dark-skinned man wearing a white linen jacket. A photo of a baby girl is propped up on the shelf below the dash. A new daughter, I bet. All visual treats.

The passenger in the back seat coughs and sniffles the entire trip and I hope she’s not contagious. KBLX Radio talks about the death of the great Senator Byrd. A fine man who gave us a lot.

A strange phenomenon today – single driver cars keep pulling ahead of us into the carpool lane. So far I have counted 5. There seems to be lots of aggressive lane-changing going on in all the lanes this morning. The last time I saw such frenzied driving was the day the O.J. Simpson verdict was announced and I was driving back from Burbank to Pasadena. People were driving all over the freeway like some panicked herd of wildebeests.

Perhaps the weather has set everyone off. There’s a warm haze laying over the city as we approach the bridge. Tide is low and a few shore birds are poking around in the mud and shallow water. The vacation-traffic is light and we’re quickly into the city.

Two more days to toll-time. Get your dollar bills ready.

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