Thursday, June 24

It’s chilly again with a brisk wind blowing. About 15 shivering riders are ahead of me. As I move to the front of the line I see what looks like a wallet laying alongside the curb. It’s a cell phone in a nifty red leather case. It must have been dropped by a rider as they got into a car. When I pick it up there are sympathetic comments and murmurings from the other riders. “Oh no, someone’s going to be worried!” “Maybe they’ll call their number.” “Lucky you saw it.” I assure everyone I will find the owner as I get in the front seat of a Honda Accord. A 40-something fellow is driving, wearing a knit cap and windbreaker, with his breakfast banana laying next to him. KCBS Radio is on, but shortly after we get underway the banana man puts in a cd and we are subjected to a Christian sermon on true believers.

Fortunately, traffic’s light and the remainder of the trip is short.

Once on the MUNI bus I check out the lost cell phone. As soon as I discover how to unlock it, it rings, and it’ s the owner, a very relieved man named Luis.
We arrange to meet at my office, which is only a few blocks from where he works. Happy ending. True believers and all.

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