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Wednesday, March 31 Out Like a Lion?

Vallejo, 6:40 AM
It’s very cold today – in the 40s, and the forecast through Easter Sunday isn’t a whole lot better. I woke up to the light of a wonderful full moon streaming through the windows and it is still visible as the sky lightens, above the clouds over the bay.

We’re in a Honda sedan this morning. The front seat passenger hobbled into the car, very carefully and painfully, wearing a black soft leg cast. I asked her what happened.
“It happened at work, when I was getting on an elevator,” she said. “The elevator dropped as I was stepping into it, and I was saved from falling down into the shaft by the people next to me. They grabbed my arms and held me up.” She went on to relate how, as she was dangling above the shaft, the elevator came back up and down a few times, hitting her leg. I don’t know how she can even talk about it. Terrifying. Like something out of a Bruce Willis movie.

We are rolling at 65 mph all the way today – even through Berkeley. The storm has been clearing as we go along and the City is looking very pretty from across the bay. All pink and gold with soft clouds touching the tallest buildings. Up onto the Bay Bridge with the morning sun at our backs. There’s Treasure Island, which always looks like a movie lot to me. Several enormous left-over military warehouse type buildings look just like Warner Brothers sound stages. Not a bad idea for the future of the island – sell it to one of the studios. A great location!

Our driver is a gentleman in his 50s. Cordial, quiet, good driver. Warm car. Mmm.

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