Wednesday March 17 – Top of the Morning to Ya!

Vallejo 7:20 a.m.
Back to my later time of departure. No gym today, but i did a workout before I left home. My goal with all this vigorous exercise is, of course, to tone up, get stronger, look and feel better. But short term goal is the May 16 BAY TO BREAKERS! Every year I say I’m going to run (well walk, actually) in this 12K notoriously outrageous race, but this year I’m really going to do it. I’ve even paid my fees and officially registered. 12K translates to the 7-plus miles from the San Francisco Ferry Building (the Bay) across town to Ocean Beach (the Breakers).

I’m riding in the back seat of a small Toyota sedan. I’ve ridden with this guy many times, but he never speaks, so unfortunately we’ve never gotten acquainted. He’s an older guy and today he’s wearing a black billed cap that has ‘’ printed on the back. The girl in the front seat is 30-something and keeping to herself. A few miles into the commute we hit stop and crawl traffic. An accident involving an overturned car is blocking a couple of lanes about a mile ahead, according to the radio, and we go slow for about 20 minutes, then traffic picks up again. Mysteriously there is no sign of any accident on the freeway – Cal Trans must have been super efficient in clearing it all away.

I’ve donned a green scarf and sweater in honor of the day, which look like it’s going to be the perfect San Francisco Day – no fog or wind, lots of sun and 70 degrees. A great day for St. Patrick’s roistering!

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