Wednesday, March 3

Vallejo 7:20 AM
A stormy day. About 40 cars are lined up waiting for riders. I’m in the back seat of a Scion. I love these funny looking box shaped cars! Lots of room, easy to step right into, plus they look like cartoon cars. The young woman driving checks to be sure I have enough leg room before we take off.

The car shows evidence of small children. There’s a child’s book, small plastic toys, a Parenting Magazine on the floor of the back seat. A silver cross hangs from the mirror and a photo of a toddler-aged little girl is propped up on the recessed part of the dash.

I see from the large display on the dashboard that our speed is between 13 and 20 mph. Traffic is slow, of course, with the rain. This is going to take awhile.

I sit back and relax with my English murder mystery, “O Gentle Death” by Janet Neel.

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