Monday, March 1

Vallejo 7:25 AM
Late. But there are about a dozen cars waiting. I tuck myself into the back seat of a shiny white 2-door VW Jetta. The driver and lady in the front seat are chatting and seem to know each other. I’ve ridden with this driver before, but in a different car. He’s a really big guy – maybe 400 pounds and more than fills the driver’s seat. The front seat passenger, his friend, or partner, is a tiny curly-headed lady. A styrofoam cup in the cup holder between their seats is filled with small sweets – York’s peppermint patty, Snicker’s, Hershey’s.

This is a new car and very comfy. A stylish child seat is on the back seat next to me, with a two-toned color scheme of salmon and gray, in an attractive rounded shape I haven’t seen before. Also looks very new.

KCBS radio is on, but it’s hard to hear in this car – could be snow tires are making the noise.

Very few cars are at the toll plaza on this gray, chilly first day of March. Amazingly, we arrive at the drop off in San Francisco at 8:15 a.m. A quick, safe, uneventful sweet ride.

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