Thursday, February 18 – Vicarious moments

Vallejo 7:20 AM

Many cars and no riders at all.  I hop into the front seat of a Subaru Forester SUV and off we go into incredibly heavy fog, which stays with us all the way into San Francisco.  As we take off our driver happily announces he’ll only be driving for another month – his job has re-located so he’ll be closer to home.  He is absolutely beaming and both I and the lady in the back seat congratulate him and relish a vicarious moment of joy.  Both of us, I’m sure, visualizing what it might be like to not commute nearly 90 miles round trip every day.

NPR radio keeps us entertained and informed as we make our way to work, a little more slowly today because of the fog.

I’m looking forward to more vicarious thrills tonight with the Winter Olympics.  Tonight’s program features what I like best,  figure skating .  It will be the men’s long program and I’ll be watching for my favorite U.S. skater, Johnny Weir, a flamboyant and quirky skater whose passion for skating always comes across even when the judges don’t care.

Friday light tomorrow.

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