Tuesday, February 16 – Happy Mardi Gras

Vallejo Car Pool 7:15 AM

Gorgeous thick fog softens the harsh reality of the back to work after a 3 day holiday morning.  Many cars are lined up and I’m in the front seat of a giant BMW X5 Luxury SUV.  The very suburban driver is handsome in blue striped dress shirt business attire, sipping his coffee, wearing aviator style dark glasses.  KCBS Radio hums away.  Very heavy traffic, even for us carpoolers.  After we cross the Carquinez Bridge in dense fog, we emerge into a nearly sunny day and slow down.  I lean back against the comfortably high-backed seat and peer out the window.  I am surprised to see how many SUVs are still out here guzzling gas.  All of them I see (outside of our carpool lane) have only one person in the vehicle – the driver.

There’s a Honda Odyssey next to us, a GMC  hulk, with the driver on his cell phone, a Dodge Grand Caravan, there’s a Chevrolet Explorer, a Tahoe, a Suburban, and in front of us  Toyota RAV4.

Averaging about 20+  miles to the gallon, (if that), the BMW I’m in along with 2 other people can take credit for getting about 60+ mpg, compared to those single driver SUVs crawling along in the other lanes.

A lovely ride as we cross the bridge into a sunny San Francisco.  The driver very nicely lets me off right at my bus stop and rouses the sleepy passenger in the back seat.

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