Monday February 8 What about them Saints!!

Vallejo Monday morning 7:20

A short chilly wait.  My ride is an aging Mercedes Sedan driven by a double for John Candy in a leather jacket. His hair is longish, but neatly slicked back.   His friend in the front seat, an African American, is wearing a jaunty tweed cap – he’s a big guy too, but not as big.  He’s leaning his smooth brown arm against the window and I see a silver link bracelet on his wrist.  It’s a beautiful bracelet and I love it.  These guys are serious, intense and although sinister is too strong a word, there’s something a little ‘dark’ about them.  Like they’re professional jewel thieves or bank robbers.  Ocean’s 11 comes to mind.   They’re perfunctorily polite to me, then go back to their conversation.

I sink into the luxury of the old Mercedes back seat.  There’s a couple of cardboard boxes on the seat, a fake leather briefcase and a leather vest.

Traffic is heavy but moving, and we in the carpool lane are moving even faster.

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