January 21 Hard Edge

Vallejo 7:15 AM

The storm has calmed down, but lingers with sprinkling rain and gray skies.  Again, a long line of rides awaits and mine is a Mistubishi Lancer Evolution.  I jump in the back seat and soon our  second passenger joins us in the front seat.  Off we go, accompanied by fairly dreadful and loud music that seems to be a tape, not radio.  It’s especially loud in the back seat with the rear speaker near my head.  The music goes with the car and with the 2 young Asian gents in the front seat.  Fast,  percussive, shiny, black and chrome.  Very hard edge right down to the clipped bristling hair cuts on both guys.

Both driver and car are  like young racehorses at a starting gate, straining to take off, and go faster.  This car feels like it has a lot of power, and I hear snatches of conversation from the front seat about the engine, lots of zip, high performance and turbo charging.

We make good time, in spite of the wet weather, and arrive in SF at 8:15 AM.

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