January 19 – Stormy Tuesday

North Concord/Martinez BART  7:30 a.m.

My husband insisted I take BART instead of casual carpool this stormy morning, fearing for me the dangers of the wet freeway and unpredictible drivers.   We head down the 680 to the North Concord BART station, and as we cross the swaying Benicia Bridge with the rain obscuring the windshield, I agree with my husband.  What a storm this is.

I arrive at BART only to have just missed a train, so wait 12 minutes in the increasingly cold wind.  Once we’re underway, I settle into my novel (“Manhattan Nocturne” by Collin Harrison).  I look out at the freeway that runs alongside and am glad not to be in that jammed wet traffic.  After a few minor delays along the way, I arrive at my stop, Powell Street and bundle up for the walk to my office.  This is a real downpour, but perversely, within moments of arriving at work, the rain lets up and the sun comes out.

More storms loom ahead this week. Tomorrow morning I’ll try the carpool again.

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