January 12

7:15 a.m. leaving Vallejo in a very comfortable Scion (one of those odd box-like looking cars).  Truly comfy and roomy.  Mellow and alert driver.  KBLX on radio, then later NPR.  Hey, it’s warm (er) today!  Wet, but warmer.

All well until we encounter a suicide driver.  He tailgates us as close as you can get and still not touch, no headlights on, then darts around us and cuts back in front of us, barely missing our car.  Our driver is shaken and wants to call whoever you call to report crazy drivers, but gives it up.  As we go over the freeway on the carpool overpass this same nutcake comes up ALONGSIDE us in the emergency lane.  Oh yeah, and there’s only 2 people in the car (3 required for carpool lane).

Stuff that keeps you awake on a long commute.

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