January 6, 2010

Cars lined up and waiting!  Impulsively, I hop into the first one – a BMW 2 seater convertible.  NOT my typical choice.  I always opt for a large, safe vehicle that has a better chance of freeway survival.   I give a quick glance at the driver as I slide in and am reassured this is a mature, sensible guy who will not kill us.

First thing he says is – “I mis-read you – I was sure you weren’t going to get in my car.”  I laughed and admitted I don’t usually ride in a small car.  He agreed it is riskier.

But what a lovely car!  And warmed seats – yum.  A great ride.

We had a good discussion about the proposed toll for car poolers. (http://articles.sfgate.com/2009-12-10/news/17182378_1_toll-bridges-golden-gate-bridge-toll-increase). He seemed resigned to it, but felt it was fair for riders to chip in $1.

I agree with that, should it come to pass,  but disagree with the toll.

Here’s a great efficient system that the citizens have created, with no help from our representatives or local agencies, and it’s been working beautifully for over 30 years.  It’s helped commuters get to work (and on time),  keep their jobs, pay their taxes, and gets more cars off the road.  And now the  Bay Area Toll Authority is going to tamper with this by charging a toll and, I fear, will undo this remarkable and ingenious system.

The final vote is on January 27 – let them know how you feel:  tolls@mtc.ca.gov

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